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Aitkin County Archeological Maritime Sites 

Tusenvann's Septemeber 9, 2016 lodge meeting will feature a program by Ann Merrimand and Christopher Olson who have conducted exploration of maritime wrecks in Lake Minnetonka, White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, the USS Essex in Duluth and dugut canoes in Minnesota that date back over 1,000 years.

Merrimand and Olson will give an updated report on the steamer wreck 'Andy Gibson' in Aitkin which is now listed ational Register of Historic Place. They discovered the Red Mill Wreck in Aitkin and constinue to document her. Additionally, Merrimand and Olson have identified five other interesting maritime archaeological sites in Aitkin County. As well, the speakers will share information on their other maritime site explorations.

Maritime Heritage Minnesota is dedicated to the identification, documentation, preservation, conservation, and when necessary, the excavation of Minnesota's finite submerged cultural resources - wrecks and other maritime sites.

(For more information, reports and videos, visit Images courtesy of Maritime Heritage Minnesota.)

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